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MBA Career: California Faculty Take Strike Action for Improved Compensation



Last Updated on December 5, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Faculty at California State University (CSU) are preparing for a series of one-day strikes across four campuses, demanding higher pay and improved parental leave. The strikes, organized by the California Faculty Association (CFA), will be carried out at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; San Francisco State University; California State University, Los Angeles; and California State University, Sacramento.

Representing approximately 29,000 workers, the CFA is calling for a 12% salary increase and an extension of parental leave from six weeks to a full semester. Additional demands include lighter workloads, better access to breastfeeding stations, and more gender-inclusive restrooms.

Anne Luna, president of the faculty union’s Sacramento chapter, highlights the need for improved compensation and benefits, given the rising cost of living. Luna argues that faculty members are facing mounting financial challenges and need a boost to maintain their standard of living.

The California State University chancellor’s office, however, claims that fulfilling the union’s requests would cost the system a hefty $380 million. Despite this, the CFA asserts that the university system has the financial means to provide fair compensation and create safer working conditions.

The CSU faculty strikes coincide with recent strikes by other workers in the university system, including plumbers, electricians, and maintenance workers, who have also demanded higher pay and better bargaining rights.

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This wave of strikes across the university system comes at a time when labor strikes have become more prevalent in various industries across California. In addition, new laws are being implemented to grant workers increased benefits and wages, placing pressure on employers to meet the changing demands of the workforce.

Last year, teaching assistants and graduate student workers at the University of California staged a month-long strike, further highlighting the growing trend of labor unrest in the education sector.

As the strikes unfold, faculty members at CSU remain determined to fight for improved pay and benefits, highlighting the importance of fair compensation in their dedication to providing quality education.

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