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MBA Career: Celebrating UH and Rices Rankings on U.S. News and World Reports List



MBA Career: Celebrating UH and Rices Rankings on U.S. News and World Reports List
MBA Career: Celebrating UH and Rices Rankings on U.S. News and World Reports List

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Rice University and the University of Houston, two prominent institutions in Texas, have received positive rankings in the annual rankings of best colleges and universities in the United States.

Among the highlights, Rice University secured a place in the top 20, ranking at 17th place. In fact, it is the only Texas university to make it to the top 20. Additionally, Rice University ranked an impressive 5th on the list of best values in higher education.

Rice University also gained recognition for its strong undergraduate teaching program and biomedical engineering program, both of which earned spots in the top 10 rankings. This further highlights the university’s commitment to academic excellence across various disciplines.

Meanwhile, the University of Houston has made significant strides from last year’s ranking. It climbed an impressive 21 spots, securing the 70th place spot on the list of best public universities. The university’s overall ranking also saw a commendable improvement, jumping 48 spots to reach No.133 among all national universities.

This improvement in rankings for the University of Houston can be attributed to the university’s dedicated efforts to enhance its six-year graduation rate. The institution’s commitment to providing a quality education experience has been noticed by the ranks of the U.S. News list.

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Various programs at the University of Houston were also recognized for their excellence. These include law, education, pharmacy, engineering, and political science. This acknowledgement further validates the university’s commitment to delivering top-notch education and creating opportunities for its students.

UH President Renu Khator shared her long-term goal of making it to the top 50 list. With the consistent improvements in rankings, it is evident that the university is on the right path to achieving this goal.

It is also worth mentioning that the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M also secured places within the top 50 rankings, underscoring the state of Texas’s strong presence in higher education.

The U.S. News rankings are based on 17 measures of academic quality and consider 1,500 institutions across the nation that grant bachelor’s degrees. These rankings serve as a valuable resource for prospective students and institutions, providing insights into the quality of education offered by various universities.

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