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MBA Career: Columbias Innovative Dual MBA and Executive Masters Degree in Engineering Program Aims to Enhance Students Proficiency in…



Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Columbia University Introduces New Dual MBA and Executive Master’s Degree in Engineering Program

Columbia University, a prestigious Ivy League institution, has recently announced the launch of a revolutionary program that combines the benefits of both business and engineering education. The dual MBA and executive master’s degree in engineering program has been specifically designed to equip students with a diverse skill set in just 20 months.

The unique curriculum of the program involves students taking core courses from both Columbia Business School and Columbia Engineering in their first year. This interdisciplinary approach allows students to gain a solid foundation in both business and engineering principles. In their second year, students have the opportunity to specialize in engineering and business topics according to their individual interests and career goals.

One of the primary objectives of the program is to foster innovative thinking among students. Columbia University recognizes the urgent need for future leaders who can effectively tackle global challenges such as climate change, artificial intelligence, and social inequalities. By providing students with a robust understanding of both the technical and business aspects of these issues, the program aims to prepare them to make a meaningful impact in their careers.

The inaugural cohort of the program consisted of 28 students from diverse backgrounds. These students bring a wealth of experiences and aspirations to the program, with ambitions ranging from leadership positions in engineering and technology to entrepreneurship.

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The application process for the next cohort of students is currently open, with a deadline of October 4, 2023. Prospective students are encouraged to carefully consider the program’s estimated cost of tuition, which stands at $91,070 for the 2023-2024 academic year. However, financial aid options are available to assist students in pursuing their educational goals.

Vijay Krishnan, a student who has already enrolled in the program, has found it to be a perfect fit for his career aspirations. Krishnan highlights the transformative nature of the program, stating that it has already influenced his way of thinking. He advises interested students to remain focused on their goals while also being open-minded to the possibilities and opportunities that arise during their educational journey.

Columbia University’s dual MBA and executive master’s degree in engineering program holds immense promise for individuals seeking a comprehensive education that bridges the gap between business and engineering. Through its innovative curriculum, the program aims to shape future leaders who are equipped to tackle the complex challenges of our time.

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