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MBA Career Guidance: Explore Full-Time Admission Application at UVA Darden



Last Updated on August 8, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: University of Virginia Darden School of Business Opens Admissions for Full-Time MBA Class of 2026

The University of Virginia Darden School of Business is excited to announce that it has begun accepting applications for the Full-Time MBA Class of 2026. As one of the leading business schools in the world, Darden is looking for talented students from around the globe to join its two-year, transformative program based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

For prospective applicants, there are four application deadlines to choose from. The Early Action deadline is on Thursday, 7 September 2023, followed by Round 1 on Wednesday, 4 October 2023, Round 2 on Thursday, 4 January 2024, and Round 3 on Wednesday, 3 April 2024. The Early Action round offers both non-binding and binding options, with the binding option available for students who have determined that Darden is their first choice.

Darden recognizes the importance of test flexibility in the application process and has introduced the new GMAT Focus format alongside the GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and the Executive Assessment. This addition allows applicants to choose the test that best showcases their abilities. Furthermore, the application includes a variety of essay questions designed to provide the admissions committee with a comprehensive view of each applicant.

To ensure that Darden remains accessible to deserving students, the school offers a portfolio of financial aid and scholarship offerings. Scholarships, including full tuition scholarships, are available to help make the Darden experience affordable for meritorious students. Additionally, need-based scholarships are provided for those who qualify for the Access Darden program, and all students have opportunities to apply for loans to cover the cost of attendance.

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To address any inquiries or concerns, the admissions team and school leaders will be hosting virtual and in-person events in the coming months. These events offer prospective students the chance to connect with the Darden community and gain insights into the admissions process.

Recognized for its exceptional education experience, Darden has been ranked highly by The Economist for 10 consecutive years and has received top rankings in various categories from The Princeton Review. Under the leadership of esteemed educator and leader Melissa Thomas-Hunt, the Full-Time MBA program promises to provide students with unparalleled learning opportunities and a supportive environment.

In an effort to enhance the learning environment, Darden has added The Forum Hotel to its facilities. This new addition brings additional classrooms and meeting spaces to the campus, along with a lively outdoor area, further fostering collaboration and engagement among students.

Prospective MBA applicants are encouraged to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to join the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and embark on a fulfilling career journey. Apply today to become a part of the Class of 2026 and benefit from Darden’s world-class education and extensive network of alumni.

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