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Last Updated on August 20, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Headline: Students Show Resilience as England Returns to Pre-Pandemic Grading for A-Level and AS-Level Results

Students in England have received their A-Level and AS-Level results today, showcasing remarkable resilience amid the challenges posed by the pandemic. The grading system has returned to pre-pandemic standards, with measures in place to acknowledge the disruptions students have faced.

The goal of the grading system is to ensure that grades adequately prepare students for higher education or employment and assist them in making informed decisions about their future. Dr Jo Saxton, Chief Regulator, emphasized the accomplishments of the class of 2023, acknowledging their determination and ability to overcome the difficulties imposed by the pandemic.

One of the key aspects of this year’s grading system is the grading protection implemented to guarantee that students who would have achieved a specific grade in 2019 had an equal chance of attaining the same grade. This measure aims to ensure fairness in evaluating student achievements.

A comparison between this year’s results and those of 2019, the last exam series before the pandemic, provides a more meaningful assessment of student performance. Overall A-Level results in England are similar to those from 2019, demonstrating the effectiveness of the implemented grading system.

Results at grade A and above have seen a slight increase from 25.2% in 2019 to 26.5%, while results at grade B and above have risen from 51.1% to 52.7%. AS-Level results in England are also comparable to those of 2019, with grade A outcomes climbing from 20.1% to 21.8%.

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However, variations in AS and A-Level results have been observed across different types of schools and colleges, indicating differences in the impact of the pandemic and existing patterns. This calls for further analysis and support for students who may have been more adversely affected.

To aid policy development and practice within the education sector, Ofqual’s interactive visualization provides information on the inequalities in results between various groups. This data can assist in identifying areas that require additional attention and support.

Grade boundaries for this year’s exams have been determined through a combination of qualitative and quantitative evidence. Examiner judgment played a crucial role in assessing the quality of students’ work.

The protection built into the grading process has accounted for the disruptions faced by students, ensuring fairness in the evaluation of their achievements. This acknowledgment of the unique circumstances faced by students during the pandemic aims to mitigate any negative impacts on their future prospects.

Overall, the return to pre-pandemic grading standards for A-Level and AS-Level results in England has highlighted the resilience and determination of students. The implemented measures aim to provide a fair evaluation of their performance and assist them in their future endeavors.

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