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MBA Career: Harvard Corporation Convenes for Scheduled Meeting Amid Calls for Resignation | News



Last Updated on December 11, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Headline: Controversy Surrounding Harvard President’s Testimony Sparks Calls for Resignation

In a regularly scheduled meeting held on campus, the Harvard Corporation and the Board of Overseers faced an unprecedented situation as calls for President Claudine Gay’s resignation continued to increase. The meeting, which took place amidst extraordinary circumstances, aimed to address the growing controversy surrounding President Gay’s recent congressional testimony.

During the meeting, questions were raised about whether Senior Fellow Penny S. Pritzker would request President Gay’s resignation. However, Pritzker did not provide a direct answer to this query. The governing boards engaged in discussions about the backlash to Gay’s testimony and the potential issuance of a public statement in support of the president.

The controversy intensified when President Gay declined to specifically address whether calls for the genocide of Jews violated Harvard’s policies on bullying and harassment during her congressional testimony. This response sparked outrage and led to a further escalation of demands for her resignation.

Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania President, Elizabeth Magill, resigned under pressure from UPenn’s board of trustees. This event added to the growing pressure faced by President Gay, as more than 70 members of Congress, including two Democrats, signed a letter calling for her immediate resignation.

Despite the mounting criticism, President Gay found support from Harvard faculty members who expressed solidarity with her. Their support highlights the complexity and varying perspectives surrounding this controversy.

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As this story develops, updates will be provided to keep our readers informed about the latest developments in Harvard’s governance and the ongoing discussions surrounding President Claudine Gay’s position.

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