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MBA Career: Houston Students, Parents, and Teachers Face Back-to-School Anxiety



MBA Career: Houston Students, Parents, and Teachers Face Back-to-School Anxiety
MBA Career: Houston Students, Parents, and Teachers Face Back-to-School Anxiety

Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: “Texas Takes Charge of Houston’s Public Schools Amid Concerns Over Education Reform”

In a move that has sparked anxiety and fear among parents, teachers, students, and local officials, Texas has taken over Houston’s public school district. The takeover comes as the state-appointed superintendent, Mike Miles, pushes for dramatic change and reform in the education system.

One of the most alarming changes is the repurposing of Lockhart Elementary’s former refuge for a dyslexic student into a disciplinary center. Parents are deeply concerned about their children’s well-being as they fear this new environment may not be conducive to their academic success.

Mike Miles has implemented several bold initiatives as part of his “New Education System.” These include restructuring underperforming schools, introducing a centrally scripted curriculum, and monitoring teachers through in-classroom cameras. His plan is now set to be expanded to more schools, with a focus on serving predominantly Latino and Black students.

Critics argue that Miles’ transformations, such as turning libraries into disciplinary “team centers,” create a prison-like atmosphere and disrupt the learning environment. They believe these changes are counterproductive and do not address the underlying issues causing underperformance.

The Texas Education Agency cited low academic scores and allegations of misconduct when justifying the district takeover. However, Democratic leaders blame the GOP-led Texas Legislature for underfunding the district, alleging that this has contributed significantly to its struggles.

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Research suggests that state takeovers of school districts have not been proven to generate academic benefits and can instead be disruptive to academic achievement. Teachers express fear of speaking up against Miles’ system, worrying about potential job loss. Concerns are also raised about the potential negative impact on the teaching profession, with tightly timed and controlled class instruction turning teaching into assembly-line work.

Students and some parents claim they were misled into supporting the takeover through a musical show that criticized reporters and downplayed concerns about the libraries. Despite criticism, Miles maintains that his plans have the support of most parents, teachers, and students. Business groups and some residents also believe that the takeover is necessary due to the district’s previous failures.

However, skepticism remains about Miles’ record and the potential negative impact on education in Houston. As the community grapples with this significant overhaul, there is a pressing need for open dialogue and collaboration to ensure the best outcomes for the students and the future of Houston’s education system.

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