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MBA Career Insights: A Critical Analysis



Last Updated on October 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

The 2024 QS Global MBA Ranking has recently been revealed, drawing attention for its consistency compared to other rankings. Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) claimed the top spot for the third consecutive year, securing a perfect score of 100. Following closely behind, Wharton School and Harvard Business School swapped positions for second and third place, respectively. London Business School made a significant leap to claim the fourth spot.

In terms of rankings changes, MIT Sloan maintained its sixth position, while Columbia Business School and IE Business School traded places. Cambridge Judge Business School climbed an impressive three spots to secure ninth place.

The QS methodology, which determines the rankings, encompasses various criteria such as employability, return on investment, entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, thought leadership, and class and faculty diversity. Stanford GSB excelled in employability and entrepreneurship, while Wharton School achieved higher scores in diversity, thought leadership, and return on investment. Harvard Business School ranked high in diversity and thought leadership.

MIT Sloan stood out by receiving the highest scores in thought leadership and employability. However, the institution faced challenges in terms of return on investment and diversity. Interestingly, diversity appeared to be a weak point for many top-ranked programs in the QS ranking.

European schools showcased impressive performance across categories such as diversity, thought leadership, and return on investment. ESCP Europe made a significant improvement in the QS ranking this year, while both Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School and Boston University’s Questrom School experienced drops in their rankings.

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The QS ranking contains some discrepancies compared to The Financial Times ranking. Some schools were ranked significantly lower in QS. However, IESE and Chicago Booth consistently secured positions in the top 10 according to both QS and The Financial Times rankings.

These rankings have caused some to question the methodologies used by QS and The Financial Times, leading to discussions concerning whether these rankings accurately reflect the quality of business schools.

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