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MBA Career Insights: A Day in the Life of Students, Teachers, and Parents – Chicago Sun-Times



Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Urban Prep Academy’s Bronzeville campus, located on Chicago’s South Side, has opened its doors for another school year, bringing relief to parents who were uncertain about their children’s education. The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) had previously attempted to revoke Urban Prep’s charter, causing anxiety and uncertainty for students and parents.

However, in a ruling in late July, a judge determined that CPS had violated a moratorium on school closings by revoking the charter. As a result, Urban Prep was allowed to continue operating its two South Side campuses under the same name.

The decision has garnered mixed reactions from parents, with some expressing a desire for the reopening of Urban Prep’s downtown location. However, parents like Shawn King were not worried about the charter revocation and are satisfied with the outcome. King believes that what matters most is that the school remains open and continues prioritizing the education of their children.

Dennis Lacewell, Urban Prep’s chief academic officer, emphasizes the school’s importance for Black boys. He believes that Urban Prep provides a safe and nurturing environment for Black young men to grow and thrive academically.

Urban Prep has faced its fair share of challenges in the past, including declining enrollment and financial mismanagement issues. However, the biggest obstacle during the charter uncertainty was enrolling incoming freshmen. The uncertainty surrounding the school’s charter status made it challenging to attract new students to the campus.

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Despite these challenges, parents are grateful that the school remains open and committed to providing quality education to their children. The Bronzeville campus opening for another school year gives them reassurance and peace of mind.

As Urban Prep Academy’s Bronzeville campus kicks off another year, parents and students are optimistic about the opportunities and growth that lie ahead. The school’s commitment to the education of Black boys continues to resonate with parents, who value the unique and supportive environment that Urban Prep offers.

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