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MBA Career Insights: Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees Terminate President and Appoint Interim President



Last Updated on September 10, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Arkansas Tech University President Terminated without Cause by Board of Trustees

The Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees has made the decision to terminate the school’s president, Dr. Robin E. Bowen, during a special called meeting on Saturday. This unanimous vote has sent shockwaves through the university and has left many questioning the reasoning behind such a sudden and unexpected move.

According to an employee agreement signed in 2018, the board is required to provide a 60-day advance written notice of termination without cause. This notice was given to Dr. Bowen after the meeting, adhering to the terms of the agreement, however, the lack of explanation has raised eyebrows among faculty, staff, and students.

Jim Smith, the Chairman of the ATU Board of Trustees, expressed his gratitude for Dr. Bowen’s services during her tenure, making it clear that the decision was not taken lightly. However, details regarding the specific reasons behind the termination have not been disclosed publicly.

While the sudden termination has caused a disruption within the university’s administration, ATU has swiftly appointed Dr. Russell Jones as the acting interim president. Dr. Jones, currently the Head of Administration, Management, and Operations at ATU, will serve in this role for the next 60 days before assuming the position on a permanent basis.

Dr. Bowen, who has been president of Arkansas Tech University since 2014, leaves behind a legacy of accomplishments and a dedicated commitment to the institution. Under her leadership, the university experienced notable advancements in academic programs, campus infrastructure, and community engagement initiatives.

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As news of Dr. Bowen’s termination spreads, the university community awaits further clarity regarding the board’s decision and its implications for the future. Faculty, staff, and students hope for an open dialogue to address any concerns and provide transparency moving forward.

ATU’s website provides avenues for individuals to voice their opinions and concerns, allowing for an ongoing conversation about the university’s leadership and the impact of this recent development. The Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees has assured stakeholders that the selection process for a new president will be conducted with utmost care and consideration to ensure the university’s continued success.

As the university looks toward the future under new leadership, it remains to be seen how this change will influence the trajectory of Arkansas Tech University and its overall mission of providing quality education and opportunities for its students.

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