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MBA Career Insights: Central Bucks superintendent Abram Lucabaugh receives $700K payout



Last Updated on November 15, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Outrage Erupts as Central Bucks School Board Approves Controversial Payout and Bans Transgender Athletes

In a controversial move, the Central Bucks school board has voted to grant its superintendent, Abram Lucabaugh, a startling $700,000 payout. The decision, made just weeks before the Democrats assume control, has drawn ire from community members who consider it an act of “corruption” and “stealing.”

Community members, expressing their frustration and disbelief, believe the payout may breach Pennsylvania school codes, which strictly limit severance payouts to not exceed a year’s salary and benefits. This payment has raised questions about the definition of “severance,” as even the district’s solicitor, who was not involved in drafting the agreement, remains uncertain.

Adding another layer of complexity to the situation, Lucabaugh was recently awarded a new five-year contract that came with a substantial 40% salary increase. Given the recent contract renewal, the superintendent’s hefty payout has ignited further outrage among the community.

Meanwhile, in a separate decision, the Central Bucks school board has also faced criticism for voting to bar transgender athletes from participating on sports teams aligned with their gender identity. This decision has prompted citizens to argue that transgender individuals deserve equal opportunities to engage in sports.

In addition to these controversial decisions, the board’s choice to appeal a redistricting ruling has drawn further critique from citizens’ groups. These groups accuse the board of attempting to manipulate the district’s boundaries in favor of Republicans.

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Board President Dana Hunter defended the superintendent’s payout, emphasizing that dismissing Lucabaugh without a settlement would impose an even higher financial burden on the district. However, community members feel that this payout is a direct insult to the dedication and hard work of both staff and students.

The separation agreement awarded to Lucabaugh includes a lump sum payment and compensation for unused sick days, vacation days, and personal days. Additionally, it states that a settlement agreement must be reached to resolve any potential issues or claims.

Members of the Democratic party on the board have publicly criticized the agreement, labeling it an outrage and pledging their intention to overturn the board’s decisions on transgender athletes and redistricting.

As tensions escalate, citizens’ groups continue to voice concerns about the board’s motives, accusing them of using redistricting as a means to gerrymander the district and favor Republicans.

With the Democrats set to assume control next month, many are now eagerly awaiting the potential changes that may come about as a result of their leadership.

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