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MBA Career Insights: Fewer Delays but Increasing Student Population



Last Updated on August 20, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Improvements Made to Jefferson County Public Schools’ Busing System

In an effort to rectify the issues that plagued Jefferson County Public Schools’ (JCPS) busing system in the first week of the school year, the district implemented several adjustments, resulting in a smoother experience for elementary and middle school students on Friday.

During the initial days of school, numerous buses arrived late in the morning, with some not arriving until more than an hour after the dismissal bell. However, JCPS officials confirmed that significant progress was made, as the last student was dropped off at 7:43 p.m., a substantial improvement from the previous week’s 9:58 p.m. cutoff. Furthermore, only 17 students remained on buses at 7:15 p.m., indicating that late arrivals were successfully minimized.

To address the transportation challenges, additional drivers and buses were recruited, while empty buses and vans were on standby in case of any delays. Moreover, communication channels were enhanced to ensure better coordination and prevent late arrivals. Families were encouraged to drop off their children if possible, further alleviating the strain on the busing system.

Although these adjustments were acknowledged as short-term solutions, JCPS district leaders recognized the need for more permanent fixes to improve the system’s reliability and efficiency.

At Goldsmith Elementary, significant improvements were noticed during the morning runs compared to the first day of school. Several buses arrived before the first bell, indicating that the practice runs stopping at each stop had a positive effect. However, the arrival time for the largest bus serving Goldsmith Elementary needs to be reduced to accommodate students heading to Klondike Elementary.

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Despite the progress, challenges remain. The driver of the last bus to arrive at Goldsmith Elementary on Friday warned that with the addition of high school students on Monday, the situation might worsen. The district typically transports about 70% of its students, highlighting the magnitude of their busing responsibilities.

Some of the major issues encountered on the first day included students not knowing their designated stops and families not being present at kindergartners’ bus stops. Moreover, delays at the depots affected the entire route’s timetable. However, on Friday, buses were permitted to leave depots without all riders, and extra buses and vans were made available for tardy arrivals, resulting in an improved experience overall compared to the chaotic first day. Importantly, no students were stuck at school or on buses after 9 p.m.

While further refinements are needed, the progress made provides hope for a more efficient busing experience for JCPS students in the coming weeks. The district is committed to ensuring safe, timely, and reliable transportation for all students, and continuous efforts will be made to enhance the system.

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