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MBA Career: Insights on Rising Trends in the College Football Rankings



Last Updated on September 5, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Duke’s Upset Win over Clemson Shakes Up College Football Rankings

In a surprising turn of events, Duke’s 28-7 victory over Clemson emerged as one of the standout results of Week 1 in the 2023 college football season. Ranked teams showcased their dominance against unranked opponents, emerging victorious in 21 out of 23 games. What’s more, 17 of these wins were by a substantial margin of 21 points or more.

Clemson’s defeat at the hands of Duke is expected to cause a significant drop in their rankings. However, experts believe that the Tigers will likely remain in the top 25 despite this setback. On the other hand, TCU’s unexpected loss to Colorado is anticipated to result in their exclusion from the AP Top 25, while Colorado is expected to secure a place in the rankings.

Florida State’s remarkable second-half performance against LSU has analysts predicting a climb in the rankings for the Seminoles, potentially placing them among the top five teams. As per projections, the new AP Top 25 poll will likely feature Georgia at No. 1, followed by Michigan at No. 2, Alabama at No. 3, Ohio State at No. 4, and Florida State at No. 5.

The top 10 is anticipated to include USC, Penn State, Washington, and Notre Dame. LSU, on the other hand, is projected to experience a significant drop after their loss to Florida State. Other notable teams on the move in the rankings include Oregon State, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.

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Furthermore, Colorado, Duke, and Tulane are expected to make their entry into the AP Top 25. In contrast, TCU and Iowa are anticipated to be ousted from the prestigious rankings.

These surprising results have sent shockwaves through the college football world, as underdogs emerged triumphant and powerhouse teams faced unexpected defeats. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how these changes in the rankings impact the teams’ performances and the overall dynamics of the sport.

Stay tuned to My MBA Career for more updates on the latest college football rankings and the exciting twists and turns in the 2023 season.

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