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MBA Career Insights: Parental Frustration Arises as Football Coach Suspended for Screening ‘Super Size Me’ Documentary



Last Updated on September 2, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Miamisburg Vikings Dominate Ponitz Panthers in 57-6 Victory

In a stunning display of athletic prowess, the Miamisburg Vikings crushed the Ponitz Panthers with a resounding score of 57-6 in their recent football game. However, what should have been a moment of celebration for the team was overshadowed by the absence of their head coach, Lance Schneider.

Coach Schneider’s unexpected absence raised eyebrows among parents and supporters of the team. Rumors quickly circulated, with some alleging that his absence was due to a controversial movie he showed in his classroom. Specifically, Schneider had reportedly shown his seventh-grade class the documentary “Super Size Me,” a film that has been available for nearly two decades.

However, the district claims that Schneider showed the film without proper approval from administrators or parents. This lack of compliance with district policies has led to disciplinary action against the coach, adding fuel to the fire of parental discontent.

Drew Garrison, a parent with a nephew on Schneider’s football team, expressed frustration over what he believes is an overreaction by the school board. Garrison argues that the issue has been blown out of proportion, and that the school board should be more supportive of their employees. He also contends that there are more pressing issues at Miamisburg Middle School that deserve attention.

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In a display of solidarity with Coach Schneider, Garrison has designed and worn a t-shirt with the slogan “free Lance.” This act of protest aims to draw attention to what many perceive as an unfair punishment for the coach.

As the controversy lingers, the question remains whether Schneider will be able to return from his leave in time for the team’s next game against Centerville. With an air of uncertainty surrounding their beloved coach’s future, the players and fans alike anxiously await news about his potential reinstatement.

The Miamisburg Vikings’ exceptional performance on the field is unquestionable. However, off the field, the focus has shifted to the fate of their sidelined coach, Lance Schneider. As the community remains divided over the disciplinary measures imposed upon him, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact the team’s future games and overall morale.

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