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MBA Career Insights: Should You Retake a 730 GMAT Score?



Last Updated on August 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Indian Government Official Challenges Traditional MBA Admissions Criteria

In a surprising move, a 33-year-old MBA applicant hailing from India has set his sights on securing admission to prestigious US business schools, including the renowned Harvard Business School and Wharton, despite having no prior business experience and a GPA that falls below the average. However, this unconventional candidate has several compelling factors working in his favor.

Despite lacking formal business training, the applicant possesses a remarkably high GMAT score of 730, along with a master’s degree in public administration. These academic achievements undoubtedly attest to his intellectual capabilities and commitment to educational growth.

What sets this candidate apart from the typical MBA applicant is his impressive managerial experience in the Indian government. Currently overseeing a workforce of more than 500 people, he has successfully demonstrated his ability to lead and manage a large team. Such experience positions him as an excellent contender for leadership roles within organizations.

The candidate’s ultimate goal, following the completion of his MBA, is to enter the healthcare consulting realm. Additionally, he aspires to establish his very own consultancy firm in India, leveraging the skills and knowledge acquired during his studies abroad. This clear vision and ambition emphasize his dedication to making a tangible impact in his country’s healthcare sector.

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On a recent segment of “Friday’s With Sandy,” conducted by Founder Sandy Kreisberg and Poets&Quants Editor John A. Byrne, this candidate’s chances of gaining admission were discussed. Despite his relatively advanced age and limited business background, the experts concur that he presents a strong case for acceptance to top-tier MBA programs. His combination of leadership experience, exceptional academic accomplishments, and a well-defined post-MBA plan indeed bolsters his application.

While some may consider his application unorthodox, this candidate’s unique profile showcases the diverse range of individuals seeking admission to leading business schools. Being selected would not only represent a significant achievement for the applicant personally but also emphasize the evolving criteria for evaluating potential MBA students.

As the admissions process unfolds, it will be fascinating to witness whether this MBA aspirant’s application, supported by his unconventional background, can successfully navigate the competitive field and secure a place at one of the country’s most prestigious institutions.

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