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MBA Career Insights: UCLA violence shifts perspective on protests



Last Updated on May 3, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Protests Erupt at Universities Over Gaza Conflict, Sparking Controversy and Calls for Change

Student encampments protesting the ongoing Gaza war erupted at Columbia University on April 17, leading to a wave of demonstrations and arrests across various campuses in the United States. New York City police arrested over 100 pro-Palestinian protesters at an occupied building, as the movement quickly spread to California campuses, resulting in arrests and campus closures.

Protests at Cal Poly Humboldt even led to the closure of the campus and the arrest of multiple protesters, highlighting the intensity of the demonstrations. Violent clashes at UCLA between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel demonstrators resulted in injuries and canceled classes, prompting Gov. Gavin Newsom to deploy California Highway Patrol officers to the campus.

President Biden addressed the campus protests, condemning violence and disruption as unacceptable. Changes in policing post-George Floyd demonstrations in 2020 were aimed at curbing violence on UC campuses. UC President Michael Drake released the UC Campus Safety Plan in 2021 to minimize police presence at protests.

Despite efforts to appease the situation, UCLA’s response to the protests has come under scrutiny from various groups, with calls for Chancellor Gene Block to resign and calls for budget actions to restore order on campuses and protect student safety.

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The Legislative Jewish Caucus condemned the violence and failure to protect Jewish students at UCLA, adding to the ongoing controversy. Legislative Republican leaders are now planning to reduce funding to restore order on campuses and hold administrations accountable. The protests have ignited a nationwide debate on the appropriate response to student-led demonstrations and the implications for campus safety and free speech.

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