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MBA Career Insights: Understanding the Ongoing Job Cuts in Big Tech Companies



Last Updated on February 7, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Tech Industry Giants Continue Layoffs Amid AI Focus


In a surprising turn of events, layoffs within the tech industry’s leading companies have stretched into the first month of 2024. Despite soaring sales, profits, and share prices, prominent tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), and Microsoft have recently announced significant job cuts. Analysts believe these layoffs are a reflection of the industry’s evolving priorities, as companies strive to balance their workforce expansion during the pandemic with a fervent emphasis on developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Google and Amazon Slashing Jobs:

Google made headlines by announcing the layoff of several hundred employees. Furthermore, the company revealed its plans for additional workforce reductions in the near future. Meanwhile, Amazon implemented drastic job cuts within its Prime Video department, resulting in hundreds of employees being laid off. The sudden wave of layoffs took place despite both companies experiencing record-breaking sales and soaring profits.

Meta’s Quiet Middle Management Downsizing:

Meta, the tech behemoth formerly known as Facebook, undertook a more discreet approach to downsizing. The company quietly reduced its middle management positions, indicating a strategic shift within its organizational structure. While Meta’s move was not as significant in scale as other layoffs, it underscores the company’s efforts to streamline operations and align with industry trends.

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Microsoft’s Job Cuts in Video Game Division:

Microsoft’s video game division also faced the consequences of these industry-wide layoffs, as the company eliminated 1,900 jobs. The decision, made against the backdrop of a booming gaming market, has caused concern within the industry. It further reinforces the notion that tech companies are gradually shifting their focus away from human resources and towards investing billions in AI technology.

Industry Balance between Workforce and AI:

Analysts believe that these job cuts reflect the tech industry’s ongoing struggle to find the right balance between workforce expansion and the advancement of AI. The wave of layoffs comes at a time when the industry is witnessing a shift towards pouring resources into AI technology, with companies envisioning its immense future value. Rather than hiring thousands of employees, tech giants are redirecting their efforts towards AI research and development, as they anticipate its potential to revolutionize various sectors.


As the year begins, the tech industry’s biggest players find themselves making difficult decisions amidst a wave of layoffs. Google, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft have all recently executed significant job cuts, even as their sales, profits, and share prices reach unprecedented heights. These layoffs are viewed as a necessary step for these companies to prioritize investments in AI technology. It remains to be seen how this fundamental shift will shape the future of the tech industry, particularly in relation to the workforce and the potential of artificial intelligence.

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