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MBA Career Journey: Broward School Board Delays $100,000 Teacher Proposal



Last Updated on July 27, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Broward Schools Board Votes against Salary Increase for Teachers, Plans to Revisit Proposal in January

The Broward Schools Board has recently voted against a proposal to increase teacher salaries to $80,000 by 2025. However, the Board has assured teachers that they will still see larger pay increases. Officials have attributed these increases to a combination of increased state funding, property values, and a tax increase approved by voters.

Currently, the average teacher salary in Broward County stands at around $66,259 before benefits or $83,452 including benefits. The proposed increase in salaries would have been funded by increased revenues and cuts to various areas such as healthcare, technology contracts, staff, and professional development.

Some Board members have expressed concerns about the proposed cuts and have requested more details on how to pay for the salary increase. Superintendent Peter Licata believes that he can find savings in the budget to reach the salary goal but has asked for more time to accomplish this. Additionally, some Board members have voiced concerns about overpromising, particularly with the expiration of a tax increase approved through a voter referendum in 2026.

Aside from these concerns, there is also uncertainty about how a universal voucher bill passed by the Legislature could affect enrollment and state funding. This uncertainty adds to the complexity of the situation and further justifies the need for careful consideration and planning.

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Teachers, who have been urging the Board to boost teacher pay, have cited financial difficulties in living on their current salaries. This has put additional pressure on the Board to find a solution that addresses these concerns.

Despite the current setback, the Board remains committed to discussing the salary increase proposal and finding viable ways to fund it. The topic will be revisited in January during future Board meetings.

In conclusion, while the recent vote against the proposed salary increase may have disappointed many teachers, it does not mark the end of the road for their hopes of higher pay. The Board’s commitment to revisiting the proposal demonstrates their willingness to find a sustainable solution that meets the needs of both teachers and the district. As discussions continue, it is hoped that a mutually beneficial agreement can be reached, ensuring that teachers receive the compensation they deserve for their invaluable contributions to education.

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