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MBA Career Opportunities for Engineering and Computing Students



Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The College of Engineering and Computing at the University of South Carolina has joined forces with the Darla Moore School of Business to offer a new 4+1 pathway partnership for students looking to advance their education.

This innovative program allows students to obtain an undergraduate degree from the College of Engineering and Computing and a master’s degree from the Moore School in just five years. Graduates from the engineering and computing program with a GPA of 3.2 or higher will receive priority admission into the MBA or Master of Business Analytics program at the Moore School.

Current engineering and computing students can apply for the program at the start of their senior year, while previous graduates are also eligible to apply. With seventy percent of engineering and computing students being South Carolinians, the goal of the program is to retain talent within the state’s borders.

The program aims to equip graduates with both technical and leadership skills to excel in the job market. Dean Haj-Hariri emphasizes the college’s impact on South Carolina’s economy and social mobility, as well as its mission to prepare students to be impactful leaders.

One fourth-year student, William Joyce, plans to use the program to explore the business side of operations and pursue a career in project management. Dean Verma highlights that engineers make great business students and can excel in various business areas such as marketing, sales, operations, supply chain, international business, and finance.

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This partnership between the College of Engineering and Computing and the Moore School of Business is not only beneficial for students looking to further their education but also for the state of South Carolina as a whole. It provides an opportunity for graduates to stay and work in the state, contributing to the local economy and fostering growth and innovation.

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