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MBA Career Opportunities: University of Minnesota Board of Regents Announce New President Selection



Last Updated on February 27, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Dr. Rebecca Cunningham Selected as the 18th President of the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has announced that Dr. Rebecca Cunningham will be taking over as the 18th president of the university, succeeding Joan T.A. Gabel who left for a Chancellor job at the University of Pittsburgh in 2023. Dr. Cunningham, who currently serves as the vice president for research and innovation at the University of Michigan, brings a wealth of experience in higher education leadership and a deep understanding of health issues and medical education.

Dr. Cunningham, who holds a medical doctorate from Jefferson Medical College and has been on the faculty of the University of Michigan’s Schools of Public Health and Medicine since 1999, was chosen after interviews with other finalists Dr. Laura Bloomberg and Dr. James Holloway. The Board of Regents unanimously voted, 12-0, to appoint Dr. Cunningham to the position.

The search for a new president was described as “historic” by the Regents due to the transparency of the process, including changes to open meeting laws to make it more public. This transparency is rare in the higher education sector, where decisions are often made behind closed doors in executive sessions.

Dr. Cunningham will be taking over at a challenging time for the University of Minnesota, as it faces declining enrollment, safety concerns, and financial issues with M Health Fairview. She is expected to start in July and will have to navigate these challenges while leading the university into a new era of growth and success.

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Overall, Dr. Cunningham’s appointment is seen as a positive step forward for the University of Minnesota, and her leadership skills and expertise are expected to guide the university through the obstacles it currently faces.

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