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Last Updated on March 8, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The SAT season kicks off this weekend, marking a significant shift as students nationwide tackle the test on computers and tablets for the first time in its almost century-long history. This transition to a digital format comes as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to address concerns about the test’s fairness and relevance in college admissions.

Students like Rachel Morrow from Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School in Birmingham are adapting to the new digital SAT and finding features like the built-in timer to be helpful. While some highly selective colleges are reintroducing the requirement for SAT or ACT scores, others are moving towards test-optional policies in response to the pandemic.

Despite criticisms of standardized tests, the SAT remains a vital tool for predicting college success and can provide crucial opportunities for low-income students who rely on SAT prep courses. However, the shift to a digital format does not completely resolve equity concerns surrounding the test.

Test administrators have made efforts to address some issues by offering free practice exams and a built-in calculator. Still, students like Ashley Chávez-Cruz from Holy Family Cristo Rey point out challenges with marking up problems and passages on the digital test.

While the move to a digital SAT may have its advantages, concerns about the test’s role in perpetuating inequality remain. Nevertheless, with around 1.9 million students in the class of 2023 opting to take the SAT at least once, it is clear that the test continues to play a significant role in the college admissions process. As students like Emerson Houser find the digital version of the SAT easier to navigate, the debate over the test’s future and its impact on students from different backgrounds continues to evolve.

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