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MBA Career Perspectives- Unveiling Hunter Bidens Texts and Emails Contradicting Lawyers Claim on No Money Sharing with Father



Last Updated on September 18, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Controversial Claims Surround Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings and President Biden

In recent developments surrounding Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, his attorney, Abbe Lowell, has vehemently denied allegations that Hunter shared money from his business dealings with his father. However, uncovered text messages and emails from Hunter’s abandoned laptop have cast doubt on this claim, raising questions about the extent of President Biden’s involvement.

One notable revelation came from a January 2019 text message in which Hunter expressed frustration with his daughter and revealed that his father forced him to give him half his salary. This disclosure contradicts Lowell’s assertion that no money was shared between the two. Furthermore, Hunter confessed to paying his father’s bills for over a decade, suggesting a level of financial dependency.

Additional evidence emerged from a 2010 email from Hunter’s business partner. In the email, mention was made of transferring funds from Biden’s tax refund check into Hunter’s account, stating that “he owes it to you.” This language implies a financial transaction between Hunter and his father. Another controversial email made references to the “big guy,” believed to be referring to the elder Biden, and mentioned “10 held by H for the big guy,” insinuating that Hunter reserved 10% for his father.

The House Oversight Committee has cited these examples as evidence of President Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, suggesting he may have profited from them. However, the White House has consistently denied any involvement or impropriety, calling the allegations baseless. They have even encouraged increased media scrutiny to debunk the claims.

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Despite requests for comment, both the White House and Hunter’s attorney have remained silent on the matter. This silence only adds to the controversy surrounding the issue.

While some House Republicans have embarked on an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, they have yet to uncover any substantial evidence of wrongdoing. Critics argue that this investigation appears politically motivated and lacks a firm foundation.

As the controversy ensues, the American public awaits further developments in this complex and contentious issue. The outcome may have profound implications for both Hunter Biden’s future and the Biden administration as a whole. For now, the truth remains obscured, and the spotlight is on the media to thoroughly investigate these claims and shed light on the matter.

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