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MBA Careers: Applications Decline for Wharton MBA Class of 2025, yet Parity Achieved at Penn for Third Consecutive Year



Last Updated on August 10, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Wharton School’s MBA Program Sees Decreased Applications but Achieves Gender Parity and Increased LGBTQ+ Representation

Philadelphia, PA – The prestigious Wharton School’s MBA program has experienced a decline in applications for the second consecutive year. With a 2% decrease from the previous academic cycle, this news has raised concerns among industry experts and aspiring business professionals alike. However, a closer look at the statistics reveals some remarkable achievements in terms of diversity and inclusivity.

For the third year in a row, the Wharton MBA program has managed to achieve gender parity, with 50% or more women in the incoming class. This achievement highlights the school’s commitment to fostering an environment where all voices are heard, regardless of gender. Furthermore, LGBTQ+ representation within the class has reached an all-time high of 11%, demonstrating Wharton’s support for diverse communities.

In terms of diversity, the Class of 2025 at Wharton is more racially representative than ever before. Black students comprise 9% of the class, and Hispanic students make up 7%. The university’s efforts to create an inclusive and multicultural environment have clearly paid off, as evidenced by these figures.

However, there has been a slight decrease in the number of international students, with only 31% of the class hailing from outside the United States. This 4% decline raises questions about potential reasons behind this decrease and the impact it may have on the overall global perspective within the program.

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Perhaps one of the most significant changes in the MBA program is the slight drop in the class’s average GMAT score from 733 to 728. While this decrease may seem minimal, it could have implications for the program’s rankings and reputation.

Wharton offers multiple pathways for aspiring business professionals to join their MBA program. In addition to traditional admissions, the school provides opportunities for students to participate in dual-degree programs and the Moelis Advance Access Program – both of which allow individuals to tailor their education based on their unique interests and career goals.

The Class of 2025 boasts an average of 5 years of prior work experience, with a notable number of students coming from the consulting industry. This diverse range of backgrounds and expertise contributes to the vibrant learning environment Wharton is known for.

As for undergraduate majors, 27% of the class holds a business degree, while 40% majored in humanities and 33% pursued science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) subjects. This mix of academic backgrounds ensures a well-rounded cohort of students, bringing unique perspectives and skills to the program.

While the decrease in applications may spark concern, Wharton School’s commitment to gender parity, increased LGBTQ+ representation, and racial diversity within its MBA program prove it remains at the forefront of creating an inclusive learning environment. Building on its rich legacy, Wharton continues to attract top-tier talent from various industries, defining itself as a prestigious institution in preparing future business leaders.

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