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MBA Careers: Do They Guarantee More Success on Dating Apps?



Last Updated on September 16, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Dating apps have revolutionized the way people find romance, with nearly one in five adults under 30 reporting that they met their current partner on a dating app. However, the inclusion of profession on dating app profiles has sparked concerns about potential judgments and exclusions based on income or education.

Experts warn against making generalizations about someone solely based on their job and suggest that dating apps should prioritize introducing diversity into relationships. Despite this advice, many individuals openly admit to excluding certain professions when looking for potential matches on dating apps. In fact, a recent Twitter post discussing jobs that people would not date generated thousands of retweets and quote tweets, highlighting the extent of this bias.

According to data from popular dating app OkCupid, careers in the tech, healthcare, engineering, education, and marketing fields are often mentioned on dating app profiles. Interestingly, professions such as nurses and teachers tend to generate more interest and higher chances of conversations and exchanges of contact information on platforms like OkCupid.

Notably, The League, a dating app designed for career-minded individuals, takes this emphasis on profession to another level. The app requires users to sync their LinkedIn profiles to verify their employment, and popular job titles on the app include social media manager and private equity associate. However, The League has recently introduced a new feature called “GoalMates” which aims to connect users based on shared goals, expanding the search for romantic partners beyond education and job titles.

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While disclosing one’s job in a dating app profile may have its advantages in terms of attracting potential matches, it also raises questions about privacy and safety. Considering these concerns, it is important for individuals to carefully weigh the pros and cons of revealing their profession on such platforms.

In conclusion, although it is common for dating app users to mention their profession on their profiles, it is crucial to remember that judging someone solely based on their job can be unfair. Experts suggest that instead of excluding potential matches based on their career, individuals should focus on finding shared goals and values for a successful long-term relationship. By prioritizing diversity and creating more inclusive platforms, dating apps can contribute to fostering meaningful connections and reducing biases in the dating world.

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