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MBA Careers in Decline: The Impact on Harvard and 2023 Job Market – My MBA Journey



Last Updated on December 2, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Placement Rates at Top Business Schools Experience Declines, Harvard Business School Most Affected

Placement rates at the nation’s top business schools have seen a notable decrease this year, with several institutions reporting declines in job offers and acceptances. Harvard Business School, in particular, has recorded the largest decline, as only 86% of its Class of 2023 received job offers within 90 days of graduating, compared to 95% the previous year.

The challenging job market has necessitated alternative employment options for Harvard MBAs, leading to an increase in individuals taking gap employment and exploring non-traditional full-time roles. Despite efforts to adapt, the median base salary for Harvard MBAs has remained stagnant at $175,000, with fewer graduates reporting receiving signing and performance bonuses.

Yet, amidst these challenging circumstances, some positive trends have emerged. An increase in consulting salaries has been observed, and there is a growing interest among graduates in general management roles. In fact, Harvard MBAs who pursued consulting careers experienced an overall increase in compensation, while those in private equity received the highest median performance bonuses.

Geographically, the Northeast region, particularly New York and Boston, remained the top destination for Harvard MBAs seeking employment. However, there has been a slight decrease in the number of graduates entering the startup ecosystem, although the tech industry remains the top choice for entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Notably, more than half of Harvard’s startups are focused on making a social impact.

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For international MBAs, Europe and Asia were the primary regions where employment opportunities could be found. However, these graduates experienced a decline in median base salary compared to previous years, reflecting the challenges faced by international job seekers in a global economic downturn.

Overall, the employment data suggests a challenging job market for Harvard MBA graduates. However, the emergence of bright spots in certain industries and regions signals the resilience and adaptability of these professionals amidst economic uncertainties. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it is clear that ongoing efforts will be required to navigate the shifting dynamics of the job market and ensure the future success of MBA careers.

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