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MBA Careers: NYU Stern Graduates Secure $200K Compensation Club



Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

NYU Stern School of Business has recently released its MBA employment report, and the results are impressive. The report reveals that the Class of 2023 achieved high job placement rates and record-breaking salaries, reflecting the success and achievements of NYU Stern MBA graduates.

One of the standout findings in the report is the average and median base salary for the Class of 2023, which were the highest ever reported by a Stern graduating class. This unprecedented salary level demonstrates the value and recognition that employers place on the skills and knowledge gained through the Stern MBA program.

Despite reports of hiring cutbacks in the consulting industry, the number of Stern MBA graduates pursuing careers in consulting saw a significant increase. This trend defies the odds and showcases the competitiveness of Stern graduates in the job market.

Moreover, the timing of job offers for Stern MBA graduates remained consistent with previous years. A high percentage of offers were received and accepted by graduation and three months after graduation, indicating the strong demand for Stern talent.

The top hiring industries for the Class of 2023 underwent some shifts. Consulting experienced a significant increase in popularity, surpassing finance and tech industries that saw declines. McKinsey emerged as the top employer of Stern MBAs in 2023, closely followed by Deloitte and Strategy&.

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Furthermore, the report also highlights the exceptional salaries received by interns in the MBA Class of 2024, indicating a strong demand for Stern talent in the upcoming years. This indicates that the success and achievements of Stern graduates are not limited to a single graduating class but span across multiple cohorts.

Overall, the NYU Stern MBA employment report dispels the notion that MBAs are struggling to find jobs in the current economy. The record-breaking salaries, high job placement rates, and top-tier employers hiring Stern graduates showcase the strong reputation and value of the MBA program at NYU Stern School of Business.

Aspiring MBA students interested in pursuing a successful career should consider NYU Stern as a leading choice due to its consistent track record of producing highly sought-after graduates. With a strong emphasis on developing the skills needed in today’s job market, NYU Stern continues to solidify its reputation as a premier business school for those seeking a successful MBA career.

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