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MBA Grad Concerned about Harvards Future: Running for Overseer Position – Boston Herald



Last Updated on December 27, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Harvard Alum Launches Campaign to Address Antisemitism and Student Safety

In a bid to address concerns over antisemitism and student safety at Harvard University, a prominent alumnus has launched a campaign to secure a seat on the Board of Overseers. Sam Lessin, a San Francisco-based venture capitalist and Harvard graduate, is determined to ask the tough questions and bring attention to pressing issues that have plagued the prestigious institution.

Lessin’s insurgent campaign requires him to collect 3,300 signatures by January 31st to appear on the spring ballot for the board. His main focus is on pro-Palestinian protests, threats against Jewish students, allegations of plagiarism against college President Claudine Gay, and the university’s response to these matters.

Believing that the university’s handling of these issues has alienated alumni and led to a decline in donations, Lessin sees his potential role on the Board of Overseers as an opportunity to advocate for change. He aims to hold the university accountable for its actions and prioritize the safety and well-being of all students, particularly Jewish students.

One significant concern brought forward by Lessin is the recent plagiarism allegations against President Claudine Gay. Gay will be required to make corrections to her Ph.D. dissertation following the allegations. Lessin refrained from explicitly stating whether he would push for Gay’s removal if elected, leaving the decision to the Harvard Corporation.

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Gay’s testimony before Congress on free speech and antisemitism has also faced criticism from student groups and Massachusetts congressmen. While Lessin acknowledges the importance of academic freedom and open dialogue, he believes that Harvard should prioritize the safety of its student body.

In addition to addressing these pressing issues, Lessin hopes to restore Harvard’s reputation and foster an environment conducive to academic excellence. He believes that disruptive protests on campus are detrimental to the university’s standing and aims to facilitate a return to what he considers the institution’s former excellence.

With Lessin’s campaign gaining momentum and his deep-rooted commitment to making a difference, it remains to be seen whether Harvard will be receptive to the concerns raised. As the January 31st deadline approaches, the Harvard community eagerly anticipates the potential impact of a new voice on the Board of Overseers, one that promises to prioritize student safety and address the lingering concerns surrounding antisemitism and academic integrity.

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