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MBA professionals voice concerns over a fraud protection program that disrupts their businesses



Last Updated on July 30, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: “Etsy Sellers Struggle with Frustration and Financial Stress Amid Payment Reserve System”

In recent months, an increasing number of Etsy sellers have been facing mounting frustration and financial strain due to the platform’s restrictive settings and the implementation of a payment reserve system. The impact of these measures has left many sellers struggling to cover operating costs and maintain their businesses.

One such seller, D., a skilled carpenter and long-time Etsy seller, highlights the challenges experienced by many. D. shares that a significant portion of their earnings has been held by Etsy for weeks, causing severe financial strain. This situation has left D. and others in a perplexing predicament, as the platform’s payment reserve system is primarily meant to protect buyers and encourage sellers to fulfill orders promptly.

However, the problem seems to extend beyond isolated incidents. Both the r/EtsySellers subreddit and the Indie Sellers Guild have been inundated with numerous complaints from sellers who have had their accounts placed on reserve, suggesting a widespread issue within the platform. Many vendors claim that the reserves are being applied to longstanding shops without any clear explanation from Etsy.

Reasons cited for the initiation of these reserves include orders being shipped without tracking information or the suspicion that new shops may be scamming buyers. While Etsy asserts that less than 2% of shops have a payment reserve, sellers such as Y., a talented metalsmith, argue that this system has negatively impacted their businesses. In Y.’s case, payment reserves have caused delays in purchasing materials and reduced the ability to restock inventory.

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The payment reserve system creates a complex financial situation for sellers. A staggering 75% of each sale is placed on hold until various expenses are deducted, making it challenging for sellers to manage their finances effectively. Etsy advises sellers to meet the requirements of the Star Seller program as a means to avoid reserves, but many sellers find it difficult or impossible to achieve this status.

In response to the mounting frustrations, the Indie Sellers Guild has initiated a petition, urging Etsy to collaborate with affected sellers and address the concerns within the seller community. With sellers relying on custom orders or having longer production times, the delayed access to funds has become particularly detrimental to their ability to cover operating costs effectively.

As the Etsy community grapples with these challenges, it remains essential for the platform to recognize the legitimate concerns expressed by sellers and address the impact of its payment reserve system. Finding a fair and equitable resolution will help ensure the continued success of sellers and maintain the vibrant and diverse marketplace that Etsy has become known for.

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