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MBA Students Fundraising Efforts for Ukrainian Charities – My MBA Career



Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: MBA Student Completes Grueling English Channel Swim to Raise Funds for Ukrainian Refugees

In an impressive display of determination and philanthropy, Jack Blyzinskyj, an MBA student at Imperial College London, recently accomplished a remarkable feat by successfully crossing the English Channel. But this was no ordinary swim. Blyzinskyj took on this incredible challenge to raise money for charities supporting Ukrainian refugees, drawing inspiration from his own Ukrainian heritage.

As part of his preparation, Blyzinskyj employed a unique technique known as cold-water immersion. This method exposed him to extremely cold water to acclimate his body and mind, helping him endure the frigid conditions he would face during the swim. This icy training regimen not only helped him physically but also motivated people to donate to his cause.

The swim, which occurred in June, proved to be an arduous journey that lasted nearly 11 grueling hours. Blyzinskyj and his team faced a slew of challenges, including hypothermia and unpredictable weather. However, these obstacles did not deter their determination to make a difference for those in need.

Blyzinskyj’s motivation for taking on this incredible challenge stemmed from his desire to give back to the community and his Ukrainian roots. Despite the treacherous conditions, Blyzinskyj emerged victorious, raising an astounding $170,000 for charity. These funds were distributed among various charities in three different countries, with a portion dedicated to cancer research.

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What makes his achievement even more remarkable is that Blyzinskyj managed to balance his rigorous training and preparation for the swim with his demanding studies in the MBA program at Imperial College London. While the first half of the program consisted of core classes, the latter half involved intensive project work. Blyzinskyj’s project focused on creating a business that allocated green grants to UK businesses using artificial intelligence, highlighting his innovative and enterprising mindset.

Throughout his journey, Blyzinskyj relied on the support and advice of his network at Imperial College London. This strong community provided him with the necessary encouragement to stay motivated and overcome the challenges he faced during both the swim and his MBA program.

In conclusion, Jack Blyzinskyj’s remarkable swim across the English Channel serves as a testament to his indomitable spirit and commitment to making a difference. Not only did he conquer the physical and mental challenges of the swim, but he also raised substantial funds for charities supporting Ukrainian refugees and cancer research. Blyzinskyj’s achievement is truly an inspiration, showcasing the immense potential and impact MBA students can have on society.

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