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Meet Anastasia Lite: My MBA Journey at University of Oxford



Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Anastasia Lite, Oxford Saïd MBA Student, Advocates for Gender Equality in Business

Durban, South Africa – Anastasia Lite, a dedicated feminist and Pan Africanist, is making her mark in the business world as she pursues her MBA at Oxford Saïd. With a strong background in finance, economics, and statistics, Anastasia aims to transform male-dominated spaces in business and promote gender equality in her future organizations.

Anastasia’s journey to Oxford Saïd began with her successful completion of a BCOM degree at the prestigious University of Cape Town. Prior to undertaking her MBA, she gained valuable experience as a Fixed Income Sales Trader at Absa Bank in South Africa.

The gender-balanced cohort at Oxford Saïd motivated Anastasia to choose the renowned institution. Focusing on breaking stereotypes and fostering diversity in the business field, she hopes to replicate this balance in her future workplaces. Notably, Anastasia has found great delight in the formal dinners held at the various colleges, where she indulges in three-course meals and learns about the different college histories. These occasions have not only satisfied her epicurean palate but have also provided an opportunity for her to connect with her classmates on a deeper level, forming lasting friendships.

By fully immersing herself in the Oxford experience, Anastasia encountered one of the renowned “Oxford” traditions – punting. Little did she know that her excursion with classmates would lead to an eventful incident where they got stuck in the mud, requiring their rescue. Despite the unexpected mishap, this adventure served as a cherished memory of her time at Oxford.

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While Anastasia has had many noteworthy interactions at Oxford, one particular conversation stands out. A classmate successfully proposed a plan for re-skilling and re-deploying frontline service employees in a bank, effectively preventing their layoff. Witnessing the impact of this proposal, Anastasia became inspired by the potential of business to drive positive change.

Having co-run an Employee Value Proposition focus group, Anastasia has achieved significant success in improving the overall well-being of her trading floor colleagues. However, she considers her most significant accomplishment as an MBA student to be her election as the Co-DEI Officer on the Student Council. In this role, she has been instrumental in implementing initiatives that address unconscious biases and microaggressions, fostering an inclusive environment for all students.

Anastasia’s MBA journey has also humbled her, revealing blind spots and misconceptions she previously held. With an open mind and constant thirst for knowledge, she is actively breaking down these barriers and embracing continuous learning.

As Anastasia Lite continues to pursue her MBA at Oxford Saïd, she remains motivated to challenge gender disparities in the business world and champion equality. With her passion and determination, Anastasia is poised to make a significant impact on the future of business leadership.

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