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Meet Kriti Bakshi: A Journey through My MBA Career at IMD Business School – Poets&Quants



Last Updated on August 31, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Kriti Bakshi, a tech industry professional, is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare delivery through the power of technology. Hailing from Delhi, India, Bakshi is not only a fitness enthusiast but also possesses a weakness for cookies and loves dancing in her room.

Having completed her undergraduate studies in Computer Science at Shiv Nadar University, Bakshi recently served as a Team Lead at Alcon. However, she decided to take a step further to enhance her knowledge and skills and therefore joined IMD’s MBA program.

The small class size at IMD is a significant advantage for Bakshi since it promotes a close-knit community. This environment allows her and her classmates to quickly bond, forging strong friendships and networks that will extend beyond graduation day.

What intrigued Bakshi about IMD’s MBA program was its distinctive focus on experiential learning. Instead of solely theoretical teachings, IMD offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge through real-world simulations and experiences. This hands-on approach has transformed Bakshi’s learning style and prepared her for the challenges that lie ahead in the business world.

Bakshi offers sound advice to prospective IMD MBA students, recommending the establishment of a support system within the school. The demanding coursework and pressure can be overwhelming, but having friends who understand the challenges and provide encouragement can alleviate the stress. Additionally, she highlights the importance of taking advantage of IMD’s safe space for making mistakes and learning, urging students to embrace all available opportunities.

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An outstanding accomplishment in Bakshi’s career so far is her work in teaching at an underprivileged school during weekends. Through her unwavering efforts, student motivation soared, and the number of students scoring above 70% doubled. This experience taught her how to manage limited resources effectively and highlighted the impact of giving back to the community.

While at IMD, Bakshi’s biggest triumph has been the evolution of her skill set. Coming from a technical background, she initially possessed limited problem-solving abilities. However, IMD has equipped her with the prowess to assimilate both quantitative and qualitative information and transform them into achievable recommendations. Bakshi can now comprehensively present these recommendations to an audience.

In Lausanne, Bakshi and her classmates have various favorite spots for gathering, including the White Horse bar, Lacustre restaurant, and Parc de Milan. Yet, her personal favorite is the MBA study room area, aptly nicknamed the “dungeons.” This bustling space is filled with students studying, preparing presentations, and networking with esteemed IMD alumni.

Post-graduation, Bakshi aspires to work for technology companies, contributing to the advancement of healthcare delivery. She ardently seeks to be a part of the ongoing digital transformation within the healthcare industry.

One of Bakshi’s standout memories at IMD involves working with a medtech startup focused on revolutionizing early screenings of cognitive disorders. She and her team conducted interviews with Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) at top pharmaceutical companies, delving into the intricacies of the clinical trial process. This experience provided firsthand insight into the key factors that drive a startup’s success and culminated in an impactful presentation to venture capitalists and founders.

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In summary, Kriti Bakshi is an influential female figure in the tech industry, harnessing technology’s potential to enhance healthcare delivery. Her time at IMD has been transformative, equipping her with new skills and preparing her for a successful career in the field.

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