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Meet the MBA Class of 2022 at McKinsey – My MBA Career



Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: MBAs at McKinsey Driven by Passion and Purpose Beyond Money

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The MBA Class of 2022 at McKinsey is redefining success as they join the prestigious consulting firm, motivated by factors beyond monetary gain. Their decision to intern or work at McKinsey is driven by a deep passion for learning, making a difference, and being part of the firm’s global impact.

Davon Robertson, one of the MBA candidates, chose to intern at McKinsey due to the firm’s capabilities and influence, specifically in making an impact on economic mobility for the Black community. Recognizing the potential to effect change, Robertson eagerly embraces the opportunity to contribute and create sustainable solutions.

Candice Creecy, another aspiring consultant, sought to be at the center of change in the health business and patient care models. McKinsey’s extensive network and reputation positioned it as the ideal platform to transform the healthcare sector as Creecy envisioned.

Jennifer Li, an MBA candidate from the University of Chicago’s Booth School, is thrilled to work in the Operations practice at McKinsey. Li values the chance to collaborate with experts whom she had studied during her time at the prestigious business school.

Michelle Gil, another driven MBA, chose McKinsey for its reputation in solving complex challenges and creating real impact for companies. The firm’s commitment to making a difference aligns with Gil’s personal values, making it an ideal fit for her career aspirations.

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The firm’s support, flexibility, and the diverse range of projects offered were determining factors for Mridang Lodha. McKinsey’s scale and scope allow him to work on meaningful projects that have a global impact.

According to Blair Ciesil, critical thinking skills developed at McKinsey are invaluable. The firm’s consultants thrive in team-based environments, tackling complex and ambiguous problems, fostering personal and professional growth.

The MBA Class of 2022 at McKinsey hails from diverse backgrounds and educational institutions. Their expertise spans various fields, including workforce development, stress-testing models, and entrepreneurship. McKinsey’s commitment to providing opportunities for exploration and learning underpins its reputation as a talent magnet.

With a long history and global presence, McKinsey has cultivated alumni who have gone on to become leading CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. The firm’s emphasis on client service, continuous learning, and the value it places on diversity and collaboration, underscores its commitment to shaping the next generation of business leaders.

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