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Last Updated on December 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

London Business School (LBS), renowned for its emphasis on finance and consulting careers, is expanding its reputation in the field of entrepreneurship. The school, which is located in one of the world’s largest startup ecosystems, has been making significant investments in entrepreneurial programming, with close to 30% of its courses dedicated to this area. Furthermore, over half of LBS students actively participate in startup-focused clubs.

Recent data reveals that a growing number of LBS graduates are choosing to venture into startups or join venture capital and private equity firms after completing their MBA. From 2018 to 2022, approximately 8% of LBS graduates embarked on entrepreneurial endeavors, while 9% secured roles in venture capital or private equity firms.

LBS stands as the third-ranked business school in terms of offering mentorship to student founders. This highly supportive ecosystem fosters an environment for budding entrepreneurs to receive guidance and encouragement from experienced professionals.

The incoming Class of 2025 at LBS showcases diverse backgrounds and remarkable achievements. From professional athletes and military personnel to public service workers, these students bring a wealth of experiences to the program. The sense of camaraderie and flexible nature of the MBA program are frequently cited as crucial components of their success.

Another element that sets LBS apart is its extensive range of student clubs, enabling individuals to explore both personal and professional interests. This encourages a well-rounded education that goes beyond traditional business coursework, enhancing students’ skill sets and expanding their horizons.

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Notably, LBS students have achieved remarkable personal accomplishments, indicative of their drive and determination. Some have successfully secured significant capital for their ventures, while others have established thriving startups in their home countries. Beyond the business realm, LBS students have had unique experiences such as swimming with blue whales, conquering Mount Kilimanjaro, and performing in front of an audience of 80,000 people.

Overall, London Business School continues to excel in its finance and consulting offerings, while prioritizing entrepreneurship as a burgeoning field. With its diverse student body, supportive atmosphere, and vibrant extracurricular opportunities, LBS nurtures the next generation of innovative business leaders who are ready to make their mark in the global business landscape.

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