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Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Welcomes New Batch of MBA Students

In an exciting development, the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has welcomed a cohort of 379 full-time MBA students. These students are poised to embark on a transformative journey as they begin a new chapter in their careers.

Central to the Ross MBA experience is the renowned Story Lab, a unique platform that encourages students to understand and effectively communicate personal narratives. Olivia Harris, one of the incoming MBA students, has expressed her eagerness to enhance her communication and relationship-building skills through the Story Lab. This program not only adds depth to their MBA experience but also equips them with the ability to craft compelling stories that resonate with their futures employers.

The incoming class also boasts some extraordinary accomplishments. Harshvardhan Joshi, for instance, led a sustainable climb up Mount Everest, electrifying an off-grid mountain hamlet. His passion for environmental sustainability is aligned with Ross School of Business’s commitment to developing socially responsible business leaders.

Rachel Hain’s success in raising a remarkable $3.25 million in contributed income for the Chicago Children’s Museum during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates her ability to navigate challenging situations and make a meaningful impact.

Brennan Dougherty, who comes from the maritime industry, hopes to leverage his time at Ross to uncover new technologies and opportunities in this field. Meanwhile, Pei-Hua Yu aims to evaluate the impacts and future potentials within the energy sector, channeling their focus towards sustainable energy solutions.

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The cohort also features professionals who have made significant career transitions. Brianna Ross successfully shifted from engineering to become a product line manager at Nike, a testament to the versatility of the Ross MBA program. Cole Lethebe spearheaded the financial planning for a $30 billion railroad merger, showcasing his financial acumen and strategic thinking.

Furthermore, the batch includes individuals like Lancer Yuan, who successfully launched a training center in China, and Aruj Parajuli, who developed a FinTech app. These achievements highlight the diverse range of entrepreneurial and innovative endeavors undertaken by Ross MBA students.

With an all-encompassing and multidisciplinary approach, Ross School of Business excels in various business fields, as attested by its students. From finance to technology, marketing to sustainable business practices, the program offers a comprehensive education that equips students for success in today’s ever-evolving corporate landscape.

As these talented individuals begin their MBA journey at the Ross School of Business, their entry promises an enriching experience for both themselves and their peers. The future looks bright for these ambitious students as they build strong foundations for their careers in business and leadership.

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