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Migrants in Denver Struggling with Odd Jobs, Desperate for Work Opportunities



Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Former police officer Emily Borges from Venezuela has recently fled to the U.S. with her daughter, seeking asylum after facing threats within her own agency. Currently staying in Denver, Borges is struggling to make ends meet by picking up odd jobs while navigating the lengthy process of obtaining a work permit.

Denver has become a haven for asylum seekers from Venezuela, many of whom, like Borges, are professionals in their home country but are forced to take on any job to support themselves and their families. However, the delays in obtaining work permits create significant barriers for these migrants in accessing basic needs and financial stability.

To address these challenges, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston and other leaders are advocating for changes to the asylum and work authorization processes. In the meantime, community members, nonprofit groups, and city officials have been providing support to migrants like Borges in applying for work permits and finding temporary work.

Despite the obstacles they face, migrants in Denver, including former professionals, are doing odd jobs such as landscaping, cleaning houses, and shoveling snow to earn money. Local residents have also been lending a helping hand by offering informal work and forming close connections with the migrants.

The story of Emily Borges and other migrants in Denver sheds light on the difficulties they encounter in starting over and seeking financial stability in a new country. As efforts continue to improve the asylum and work authorization processes, these individuals remain resilient in their pursuit of a better life in the U.S.

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