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My Journey in the MBA Industry: From Fake Tech Jobs to Earning $130,000



Last Updated on September 2, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Former Tech Industry Employee Exposes “Fake” Tech Jobs in Venture Capital Funded Startups

Celia Arias, a former tech industry employee, recently shared her eye-opening experience of working in not one, but two “fake” tech jobs. Her story sheds light on the deceptive practices and questionable priorities prevalent in some venture capital funded startups.

Arias joined her first venture capital funded startup with high hopes. Armed with exceptional qualifications, she expected to be assigned to a suitable position. However, much to her surprise, the company created a new role for her based on her credentials. While she excelled in her assigned tasks, she soon realized that her ideas were never implemented, and the company seemed more interested in maintaining a glossy appearance than improving functionality.

Things took a turn for the worse when Arias and her entire team were abruptly fired without any prior warning. This sudden and inexplicable termination left her disoriented and questioning the authenticity of the entire company.

Undeterred by her previous ordeal, Arias joined another venture capital funded tech startup, hoping for a fresh start. However, once again, she found herself hired for a different role than the one she had applied for. It was not until later that she was given the position she initially sought. Unfortunately, she quickly noticed that the company’s main focus wasn’t on improving their core product, but rather on marketing unrelated products. It became apparent that the company valued promoting their brand instead of truly enhancing their offering.

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Arias began to feel that her job was nothing but a facade created to generate a positive image for the company, rather than a true opportunity to make a meaningful impact. She began questioning the intentions and practices of venture capital tech startups, suspecting that some may create these “fake” jobs with the sole purpose of presenting an ideal image to potential buyers.

Drawing from her experiences, Arias decided to take matters into her own hands. She now runs her own coaching business, specializing in helping businesses build products or services without relying on venture capital funds. With her intimate knowledge of the pitfalls and deceptive practices, Arias is dedicated to assisting companies in focusing on their core offerings and prioritizing genuine value creation.

Through her coaching, Arias aims to empower businesses to avoid falling into the trap of creating hollow positions solely for show. She believes that true success lies in building strong products and services that can stand on their own merit, without relying on the smoke and mirrors of venture capital-backed appearances.

In an industry that often highlights the successes and innovations of venture capital funded startups, Arias serves as a powerful reminder that behind the glitz and glamour, some companies may be hiding a darker reality. Her story serves as a cautionary tale for those entering the tech industry and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing genuine progress and value creation over superficial appearances.

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