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Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Former UCLA Chancellor Charles E. Young Passes Away at 91

Los Angeles, CA – Charles E. Young, the esteemed former chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), has died at the age of 91. Young, whose leadership spanned an impressive 29 years, played an instrumental role in propelling UCLA into its position as a top research university.

During Young’s tenure, UCLA experienced significant growth and development. Under his guidance, the university’s annual operating budget skyrocketed, increasing tenfold. Additionally, the number of undergraduate students at UCLA swelled from 19,000 to an impressive 24,000.

Beyond financial achievements, Charles E. Young was admired for his fiery personality and unwavering dedication to inclusiveness and diversity. He was widely known for his refusal to fire political activist Angela Davis, despite substantial pressure from the UC Board of Regents. This act cemented his status as a staunch advocate for academic freedom.

Young’s dedication to inclusivity extended beyond campus politics. He passionately rallied against a proposed ban on affirmative action in admissions, emphasizing the importance of accessibility for students of color. This unwavering commitment to equal opportunities earned him immense respect within the higher education community.

Despite facing criticism over financial and compensation issues during his tenure, Charles E. Young remained a highly respected figure in the academic world. His contributions to UCLA and higher education at large were well recognized. Even after his retirement, he continued to serve as a professor at UCLA and took on leadership roles in other organizations.

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Charles E. Young is survived by his beloved wife, Judy Cornell, and their son, Charles Jr. In honor of his remarkable legacy, UCLA is planning a celebration to commemorate his outstanding achievements and contributions to the university.

The passing of such an iconic figure in the academic realm leaves an indelible mark on UCLA and the entire educational community. Charles E. Young’s transformative leadership will forever be remembered and celebrated as a testament to the potential for growth and positive change within the higher education landscape.

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