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My Journey to Head of ESG at a Venture Capital Firm – My MBA Career



Last Updated on October 27, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Yoko Kojima: From B-School Graduate to Heading ESG at Global Venture Capital Firm

Yoko Kojima, an ambitious b-school graduate, has recently embarked on an influential career in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives with a renowned global venture capital firm. Boasting an international upbringing that took her across Japan, Australia, Canada, and the US, Yoko’s extensive experiences shaped her desire to make a real impact with her work.

After spending five years at Hitachi, Yoko realized that she yearned for a career change that would allow her to create a meaningful difference. To maximize her career potential and fully immerse herself in a new environment, she opted to pursue an international MBA combined with a degree in international development.

Yoko selected IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, as her academic institution of choice due to its exceptional reputation and the opportunity to learn the Spanish language. At IE, Yoko delved into fundamental business theories, expanding her knowledge and skills while also deeply exploring how businesses can positively impact society. Modules on impact investing, an area that particularly intrigued Yoko, were also included in the program.

Living and studying in Madrid presented a cultural adjustment for Yoko, but it ultimately propelled her personal growth. She became more confident, willing to take risks, and adept at building stronger relationships. These skills would serve her remarkably well in her future endeavors.

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Following her graduation in July 2022, Yoko secured a prestigious role as the Head of ESG at Mundi Ventures, a globally-operating venture capital firm. In this position, Yoko assumes the responsibility of overseeing the company’s environmental, social, and governance operations, with a focus on integrating sustainability considerations into investment decisions.

Yoko wholeheartedly believes in the significance of sustainable finance in our day-to-day lives, recognizing its potential to instigate positive cultural shifts. She attributes her smooth transition into a career oriented towards making a meaningful impact to the invaluable education she received at IE Business School.

Yoko Kojima’s ascent from a b-school graduate to spearheading ESG efforts at a powerhouse venture capital firm showcases the immense potential an international MBA combined with a passion for sustainable impact can yield. Her story serves as an inspiration for young professionals seeking to forge a rewarding career while creating a positive difference in the world.

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