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Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Republican Caucus-Goers Swayed by Shared Values and Support for Trump

Entrance polls conducted with caucus-goers at various locations have provided insight into the characteristics and beliefs of those participating in the recent Republican caucuses. With a breakdown of gender percentages revealing that 56% of attendees were male and 44% were female, it’s clear that a diverse group of individuals came together to voice their opinions.

The breakdown of age groups showed that the majority of caucus-goers were 65 or over, indicating that older Republicans were the most active participants in the event. Education levels among attendees were also high, with a majority holding a bachelor’s degree.

When it came to political affiliation, the majority of caucus-goers identified as Republicans. The quality that mattered most to them in a candidate was someone who shared their values. This sentiment was echoed in their views on banning abortions nationwide, with 61% of attendees in favor of such a measure.

Interestingly, only 29% of caucus-goers believed that Joe Biden’s presidency was legitimate, showing a strong distrust of the current administration. A significant 46% of attendees considered themselves part of the MAGA movement, aligning themselves with former President Donald Trump.

When asked about Trump’s fitness to be president if convicted of a crime, 65% of caucus-goers believed he was fit for office. The majority of attendees had made up their minds on whom to support in the caucus well before the last few days leading up to the event.

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It’s worth noting that the majority of caucus-goers hailed from small cities and rural areas, highlighting the ongoing support for Republican values in these regions. As the dust settles on the caucus results, it is clear that shared values and unwavering support for Trump continue to drive the Republican base.

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