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Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The recent caucus held in a small town in Iowa saw an overwhelming majority of male participants, according to entrance polls conducted by My MBA Career. A whopping 56% of caucus-goers were men, with most of them being over the age of 65.

The education level of participants varied, but a majority were found to be college graduates. Surprisingly, the political affiliation of most caucus-goers leaned towards the Republican party, with a majority considering themselves conservative.

The majority of White participants identified as born-again or evangelical Christians, and key issues such as the economy and immigration played a crucial role in deciding whom to support. It was noted that candidate qualities aligning with personal values and the ability to fight for others were important factors for most caucus-goers.

Furthermore, a majority of participants favored banning most or all abortions, and interestingly, most did not believe that Joe Biden legitimately won the presidency in 2020. A significant portion of caucus-goers also identified as part of the MAGA movement and believed that Donald Trump would still be fit to be president even if convicted of a crime.

It was also observed that the majority of participants had already decided on whom to support in the caucus before the event took place. Additionally, participants primarily hailed from small cities and rural areas, with fewer coming from suburbs or larger cities.

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Overall, the entrance polls provided valuable insights into the demographics and beliefs of the caucus-goers, shedding light on the factors that influenced their decision-making process in choosing a candidate to support.

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