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Last Updated on August 5, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Enhancing Academic Advising: Achieving Learning Outcomes for Student Success

In a bid to enhance academic advising and ensure students receive comprehensive guidance, the Provost of [University Name] commissioned the Advising Leads group in Fall 2019 to conduct a thorough assessment across all ten academic colleges. The ultimate goal was to establish learning outcomes that would shape the direction of advising strategies for all students.

As a result, learning outcomes were developed specifically for the initial three advising appointments, which have been made mandatory for all students. Two crucial advising sessions—Orientation and NevadaFIT—were also incorporated into the framework.

During Orientation, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with various essential elements, such as locating their advisor’s contact information, logging into MyNevada, understanding the purpose of their first-term classes, defining degree requirements for a bachelor’s degree, and gaining insight into the number of units required for graduation. These outcomes ensure that students have a solid foundation for a successful academic journey.

The NevadaFIT program emphasizes the importance of utilizing resources effectively. Students are expected to utilize the academic calendar, understand the role of advisors, and schedule advising appointments using the Navigate platform. These outcomes further cement the importance of strong advising relationships and empower students to take charge of their educational experience.

Throughout their first year, students are guided towards essential milestones. They are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Silver Core requirements, enroll in degree-applicable courses for future terms, understand the overall purpose of obtaining a college education, and identify important enrollment dates in MyNevada. Additionally, students are taught how to navigate the General Catalog and leverage the Advanced search feature in MyNevada when determining core course selections.

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In response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the university swiftly adapted its advising strategies. A flipped classroom model was developed for Orientation, ensuring students could still access vital information remotely. Virtual meetings became the norm, allowing advisors to connect with students online and provide necessary guidance. To further facilitate remote advising, a Learning Management System (LMS) module was implemented within the NevadaFIT program.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the newly implemented advising methodologies, Qualtrics surveys were conducted. The survey results revealed that students were indeed meeting the desired learning outcomes, attesting to the success of the revamped academic advising approach.

The commitment to enhancing academic advising has proven beneficial for students, as they receive tailored guidance and support throughout their academic journeys. These learning outcomes have set a strong foundation for students to thrive academically, promoting overall success and satisfaction within the university community.

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