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My MBA Career: An Electric Approach to Cleaner Skies



Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Passionate Aviation Enthusiast Thilo Braun Aims to Combat Climate Change with Electric Aviation

Thilo Braun, a fervent aviation enthusiast, is determined to tackle climate change while preserving the beauty of aviation. Recognizing that aviation contributes significantly to global warming and air pollution, Braun has made it his mission to find sustainable and clean solutions for the industry.

With a background in engineering, Braun gained valuable experience and knowledge about clean forms of aviation while working at a startup focused on developing electric flying cars. Collaborating with co-founders Venkat Viswanathan and Shashank Sripad, experts in batteries for aviation and electric aviation respectively, Braun delved deeper into the potential of electric aviation.

After extensive research, Braun and his team came to the conclusion that electric aviation is the way forward in combating climate change. However, they faced a major challenge: the weight of batteries. Aviation is weight-sensitive, making it crucial to design lightweight battery systems that meet safety certification standards.

To overcome this obstacle, Braun and his team secured funding from ARPA-E, a government agency focused on advanced energy solutions. They also formed partnerships with technology partners specializing in battery cell and materials development. Moreover, they joined forces with renowned players in the electric aviation industry to test their batteries in real-world use cases.

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Braun’s passion for aviation traces back to his family, who has a long-standing history in the industry. Inspired by his mother’s resilience in starting her own business, he decided to pursue his own entrepreneurial ventures. This determination and belief in the transformative power of electric aviation fuels his confidence in the success of his venture, ABA (Aviation Battery Associates).

According to Braun, the adoption of electric aviation will not only combat climate change but also eliminate emissions from flying. With ABA’s continuous efforts in developing lightweight and safety-certified battery systems, the future of aviation looks promising in terms of sustainability.

Thilo Braun’s vision and dedication serve as a powerful reminder that climate change can be addressed without compromising the beauty and thrill of aviation.

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