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My MBA Career: An Insiders Guide to the Warwick Business School Global Online MBA Application



Last Updated on July 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Warwick Business School’s Global Online MBA has been recognized as one of the top Online MBAs in the world, ranking second globally and first in the UK in the Financial Times 2023 Online MBA rankings. This highly esteemed program offers a flexible learning experience that allows students to balance theory and practice while taking breaks for up to two years. Students also have the opportunity to participate in two in-person residential weeks, which provide valuable networking opportunities.

The Global Online MBA’s teaching model is interactive and engaging, with students from 105 countries participating in real-time lectures, tests, and accessing teaching materials. This global perspective fosters a diverse and vibrant classroom environment, where students can learn from each other and broaden their horizons.

Graduates from the program have achieved remarkable success, securing employment at renowned companies such as Amazon, EY, JP Morgan, and KPMG. Additionally, their salaries have significantly increased, with an average salary three years after graduation standing at an impressive $194,903, demonstrating an average increase of 33%.

Applying for the Global Online MBA requires certain qualities and preparations. The recruitment manager at Warwick Business School specifically looks for applicants who showcase leadership qualities and the ability to think creatively and challenge the status quo. To ensure a successful application, prospective students are advised to start preparing 10-12 months before the course start date and seek a consultation with the school to determine the program’s suitability for their career goals.

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When submitting an application, it is crucial for candidates to emphasize their individual responsibilities and impact. By highlighting their contributions and expertise, applicants can effectively demonstrate their potential as future business leaders.

Scholarships are also available to deserving candidates, and to increase their chances of securing one, applicants should tailor their essay to showcase how they relate to the scholarship category and highlight their unique experiences and ambitions.

During the interview stage, candidates can expect questions that focus on their leadership experiences, involvement in strategic projects, motivations for pursuing an MBA, and alignment with the values of being a changemaker.

Throughout the entire application process, candidates benefit from having a personal recruitment coordinator assigned to them. This dedicated coordinator provides valuable support and guidance to applicants, ensuring a smooth and successful application journey.

Warwick Business School’s Global Online MBA continues to excel in both academic excellence and career outcomes, offering a transformative and rewarding experience to future business leaders. Aspiring MBA students should consider this prestigious program as a viable option for their career advancement.

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