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My MBA Career: Avoiding the 20 Biggest Regrets



My MBA Career: Avoiding the 20 Biggest Regrets
My MBA Career: Avoiding the 20 Biggest Regrets

Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Business School Graduates from the Class of 2023 Share Regrets and Lessons Learned

As the Class of 2023 bids farewell to their alma mater, business school graduates have taken the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and share valuable lessons learned during their MBA journey. From regrets about missed opportunities to insights gained, these students are eager to pass on their wisdom to future MBA candidates.

Carolyn Duke, a recent MBA graduate, expressed regret about not venturing outside her comfort zone in terms of coursework. She wished she had taken more courses to strengthen her weaknesses in accounting and finance, realizing the importance of being well-rounded in the business world.

Similarly, Susana Jaramillo admitted to fixating too heavily on grades and missing out on the true essence of the MBA experience. She emphasized the significance of building connections and forming relationships with peers, believing that these personal connections have a profound impact on one’s future success.

Cedrick Agorbia-Atta, another graduate, felt that he should have focused on developing deeper bonds with his classmates. He realized that engaging in more authentic conversations would have enriched his learning experience and fostered lifelong connections.

For Jon Ilani, understanding the value of enjoying the journey and appreciating the people around him emerged as a significant lesson. He encouraged future MBAs to take the time to savor the experience and forge meaningful relationships, as these are invaluable assets in both personal and professional life.

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Apart from these specific regrets, several themes have emerged from the reflections of MBA graduates. Overcoming imposter syndrome, reaching out to professors earlier for guidance and mentorship, and striking a balance between a busy academic life and personal well-being were cited as important takeaways.

The significance of networking was a common thread, with students stressing the need to recognize its value. Building connections beyond the classroom, learning about different industries, and expanding one’s professional network were all seen as crucial for long-term success.

In light of these reflections, current students are advised to seize their time as MBA candidates. They are encouraged to slow down, make the most of their educational experience, and embrace opportunities for personal and professional growth. By doing so, they can open doors and create lasting connections that will serve them throughout their careers.

In conclusion, the Class of 2023 MBA graduates have shared their insights and regrets, offering valuable guidance for future students. By heeding their advice, prospective business school candidates can navigate their MBA experience with a holistic perspective, establishing meaningful connections, and maximizing their professional potential.

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