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My MBA Career: Balancing Dual Full-Time Jobs and Earning $200K+ with Full Transparency



Last Updated on September 9, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: California Professional Finds Success in Double-Dipping Career despite Heavy Workload

In pursuit of an improved quality of life and better career opportunities, Davrick Hayes, originally from California, made the bold decision to relocate to North Dakota. The high cost of living in Los Angeles prompted Hayes to seek greener pastures in a more affordable state.

In July 2021, Hayes found success when he was hired as a quality assurance analyst (QA) by an IT staffing and custom software development company. However, just two months later, he took on an additional challenge by accepting a second full-time job at GreatAmerican Financial Services. This marked the beginning of his double-dipping career, a move that would exceed all his expectations in terms of financial gains.

At the peak of his double-dipping journey, Hayes saw his annual income skyrocket to an impressive $211,200, surpassing even his wildest dreams. His success further underscored the earning potential and opportunities available in the QA industry.

Hayes discovered his first QA job through a Craigslist advertisement back in 2014. Since then, he has become a passionate advocate for the industry, highlighting its potential for lucrative financial rewards and professional growth.

Balancing two full-time jobs for approximately five months, Hayes devoted his energy and time equally to both companies until the end of his first contract in February 2022. Unfazed, he quickly secured another position at First Republic Bank, further solidifying his reputation as a dedicated and skilled QA professional.

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Throughout his double-dipping journey, Hayes prioritized transparency and honesty with his employers. He assured them that his dual employment would not affect the quality and efficiency of his work. The key to managing such a demanding workload, according to Hayes, lies in efficient time management, focusing on automation and manual testing tasks to streamline his responsibilities.

Surprisingly, Hayes found that working 16 hours a day was not as overwhelming as it seemed. The integration of automation and his ability to multitask allowed him to handle the demanding schedule with relative ease.

However, the main drawback of Hayes’ double-dipping career was the apparent lack of a social life. Given the circumstances of the ongoing pandemic, this aspect was not a significant concern initially. Nevertheless, upon the conclusion of both his contracts this year, Hayes has now embraced a well-deserved work-life balance by transitioning to a single job role as a QA automation engineer.

Hayes’ inspiring journey serves as a testament to the prospects available in the QA industry and the rewards that accompany hard work and dedication. As he continues to excel in his career, he serves as a motivation for aspiring professionals seeking a thriving and fulfilling career path within the tech industry.

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