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My MBA Career: Debunking the Effect of the New Adaptive SAT Sections on College Admissions Tests



Last Updated on March 14, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

SAT Adapts to Modern Times by Going Fully Digital and Adaptive

In a bid to modernize and level the playing field for all students, the SAT is undergoing a major transformation. The College Board has announced that the SAT will now be fully digital, with an adaptive testing method.

Students will now face modules with questions of varying difficulty based on their performance. This new format aims to provide a more personalized and accurate assessment of a student’s abilities. The College Board assures students that they will not be disadvantaged by receiving easier questions.

Additionally, the test will still be taken in person but will now last only two hours instead of three. Results will also be available within days, rather than weeks, providing students with quicker feedback on their performance.

In another surprising development, elite schools such as Dartmouth, Yale, and Brown are moving towards requiring SAT or ACT scores in applications. This marks a reversal of their test-optional policies and underscores the importance of standardized test scores in the admissions process.

These changes are aimed at ensuring that students from all backgrounds have an equal opportunity in the admissions process. By going digital and adopting an adaptive testing method, the SAT is making strides towards a fairer and more inclusive assessment system for all students.

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