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My MBA Career: Demanding Transparency and Apology for Abrupt College Closure Announcement



Last Updated on December 3, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

College of Saint Rose President, Marcia White, held a meeting with students on Saturday to discuss the college’s plans for closure. This came after students expressed their frustration on Friday for not being given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the closure. However, they were allowed to do so during the meeting on Saturday.

The lack of transparency in the decision-making process has caused some students to demand an apology. They feel that they should have been informed about the college’s financial situation prior to the board meeting that took place on Thursday. Many are questioning why this information was kept from them.

In addition to wanting more transparency, students are eager to know what the next steps will be. They are particularly concerned about the teach-out plans. However, President White explained that teach-out agreements cannot be made until a final decision to close the college is reached.

Despite the lack of a concrete timeline, the college has already prepared an outline for a teach-out program. This is in accordance with requirements set by the New York State Education Department and middle states. The topic will be further discussed to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Unfortunately, students were left without a clear answer on when the teach-out agreements will be made. This uncertainty adds to the frustration and anxiety felt by students who are concerned about their future and the impact of this closure on their education.

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As the College of Saint Rose continues to navigate these challenging times, students and staff remain hopeful for more open communication and clarity regarding the closure plans. The situation is ongoing, and updates will be provided as they become available.

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