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Last Updated on July 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Investigation Into Penn State’s Compliance Offices Exposes Deep-Rooted Flaws and Lack of Transparency

In a joint effort, Spotlight PA and the Centre Daily Times have conducted an extensive investigation into Penn State University’s compliance offices and the reforms implemented following the infamous Jerry Sandusky scandal. The results of the investigation have shed light on deep-rooted flaws within the system, including pervasive distrust and fear of retaliation among employees.

Both federal and state inquiries have found multiple failures in the university’s compliance systems dating back several years. One concerning revelation is the lack of a unified system to track all cases of reported misconduct, leading to reports being overlooked or mishandled. Consequently, numerous instances of misconduct have been either ignored or incorrectly handled, exacerbating the problems within the university.

One particular concern highlighted in the investigation involves the former chief ethics officer at Penn State, who faced multiple accusations of misconduct. The university’s response to these allegations was heavily criticized, further eroding trust in its ability to handle such matters appropriately.

Surveys conducted by the university itself have confirmed the widespread distrust in its misconduct reporting system. This alarming lack of faith in the institution’s ability to address internal issues effectively highlights the urgent need for substantial reform.

Compounding the problem is Penn State’s legal exemption from Pennsylvania’s open records law. This exemption severely limits the university’s obligation to provide public insight into its accountability practices, making it even more challenging to hold the institution accountable for its actions.

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Former athletics integrity officer, who played a key role in monitoring compliance, expressed a strong desire for more transparency. Unfortunately, efforts to end the open records exclusion for state-related universities have faced hurdles and failed to make significant advances, leaving concerned individuals and lawmakers determined to drive change.

As readers, it is crucial to support investigative journalism, such as Spotlight PA’s, which uncovers systemic flaws and sheds light on critical issues. By visiting, individuals can contribute to the continuation of quality journalism, helping to expose and rectify the shortcomings within Penn State’s compliance offices.

In conclusion, the investigation conducted by Spotlight PA and the Centre Daily Times has exposed a deeply flawed compliance system within Penn State University. Widespread distrust, fear of retaliation, and mishandling of misconduct reports have plagued the university for years. The lack of transparency and accountability only exacerbate the problem. It is now imperative for concerned parties to come together to address these issues and push for much-needed reforms.

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