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My MBA Career: Diving into the World of Diversity – Celebrating Stanfords MBA Class of 2025



My MBA Career: Diving into the World of Diversity – Celebrating Stanfords MBA Class of 2025
My MBA Career: Diving into the World of Diversity – Celebrating Stanfords MBA Class of 2025

Last Updated on October 4, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Stanford Graduate School of Business Sets New Diversity Milestones for MBA Class

Stanford Graduate School of Business, a renowned institution known for providing a world-class education, has recently emphasized the significance of diversity and inclusion in its MBA program. Under the leadership of Dean Jonathan Levin, the school has made remarkable progress in diversifying its student body.

In a historic achievement, the fall of 2024 marked the first time when more than half of Stanford’s MBA class identified as people of color. Both Black and Hispanic students reached their highest levels in the program’s history, showcasing the school’s commitment to creating an inclusive learning environment.

The trend continued in the Class of 2025, with U.S. minorities accounting for 50% of the class, while women made up 46% of the cohort. Black and Hispanic students remained in double-digit percentages, reflecting Stanford’s dedication to maintaining a diverse and balanced student body.

Interestingly, though there was a slight decline in underrepresented minority students, the overall percentage remains higher than it was two years ago. This accomplishment is significant considering the challenges faced by many higher education institutions in attracting students from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to the domestic diversity, Stanford Graduate School of Business also continues to attract a diverse international student body. In the Class of 2025, 36% of the students hailed from 55 countries outside the United States, demonstrating the school’s global appeal.

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It is worth noting that while many top business schools, including Wharton and Harvard, experienced declines in application volume for the second consecutive year, Stanford successfully avoided the downward trend. The school saw a modest gain of 6,190 applications for the Class of 2025, reaffirming its status as a highly sought-after destination for MBA education.

Part of Stanford’s appeal lies in its rigorous admission standards. The average GMAT score of 738 matches the school’s all-time record, indicating the high academic caliber of the incoming students. Additionally, the school saw an increase in applicants submitting GRE scores, reaching the highest level in its history – an impressive 39%.

Moreover, the Class of 2025 boasts a higher undergraduate GPA average of 3.77 compared to the previous year, showcasing the intellectual capabilities of the incoming students.

Furthermore, Stanford’s MBA program attracts students from diverse professional backgrounds, with many having experience in investment management, private equity, or venture capital roles. This dynamic mix of experiences and expertise enriches the classroom discussions and fosters a stimulating learning environment.

Overall, despite the challenges faced by the education sector, Stanford Graduate School of Business has managed to uphold its reputation as a leading MBA program, attracting a diverse student body and continuing to set new milestones in terms of diversity and inclusion. As the demand for MBA education remains high, Stanford’s commitment to providing a world-class education and embracing diversity will continue to attract students seeking an enriching and inclusive learning experience.

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