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My MBA Career: Due South BBQ to remain open in Roanoke – Roanoke Times



Last Updated on August 15, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

New Ownership Keeps Due South BBQ in Roanoke Alive

Roanoke, VA – Due South BBQ, a beloved barbecue joint in the area, will continue to serve up mouthwatering smoked meats under new ownership. The former owner and state Delegate, Marie March, has bid farewell to the establishment, handing the reins over to brothers Dharamjit and Jagroop Singh. Hailing from India and with business interests in the printer cartridge industry, the Singhs took over the restaurant located on Melrose Avenue on July 1.

The decision to buy Due South BBQ was driven by the establishment’s unwavering popularity and its strategic location on major roads. Recognizing its potential, the Singhs wasted no time in acquiring the property and equipment for an impressive $645,000. Since the takeover, they have been diligently serving up delectable smoked meat platters, hush puppies, and fried tomatoes to delighted diners.

One of the main goals for the new owners is to attract customers who long for the Christiansburg location, which unfortunately closed its doors five months ago. To satisfy these customers’ cravings, the Singhs have been tirelessly smoking brisket, pork, and chicken at an impressive rate of 50 to 100 pounds per day.

In addition to serving dine-in customers, Due South BBQ in Roanoke has also ventured into catering events and offers a convenient online ordering platform. The joint’s lunch combo, priced at a pocket-friendly $8.99, has been a hit among patrons.

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Former owner Marie March, the mastermind behind Due South BBQ’s success, initially opened the Christiansburg store in 2007 and expanded to Roanoke in 2021. Sadly, due to skyrocketing food and personnel costs, March was forced to shut down the Christiansburg location. To add to her recent challenges, she also lost her bid for the Republican nomination to seek a second term.

Nonetheless, the BBQ legacy lives on through Dharamjit and Jagroop Singh’s dedication to preserving Due South BBQ’s authentic flavors and warm hospitality. With their commitment to maintaining the restaurant’s popularity and satisfying customers’ palates, Due South BBQ in Roanoke is sure to continue impressing and delighting BBQ enthusiasts for years to come.

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